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From Corporate to the Kitchen 

Chef Diahann Thomas' journey into the kitchen started in her earlier years as a dual-enrolled culinary student in high school, to obtaining a BA in Hospitality Administration, climbing the corporate ladder overseeing major universities dining programs to the eventual creation and launch of The Divine Chef Experience. 

Meet Chef Diahann 

Chef Diahann Thomas 

Owner/Executive Chef

From Corporate to the Kitchen, Chef Diahann knows the experience of juggling a career and providing for a family. After 11 years climbing the corporate ladder and overseeing major universities' dining programs, Chef left with a dream and motivation to give families their quality time back. Her goal was to be of service to others while engaging in meaningful interactions. Chef has the desire of truly being of a servant's heart and serving others helps push through the hard days.

Chef Diahann is a hospitality professional with 15 years of experience in contract management, supply chain operations, and finance. She has demonstrated business acumen and success in the Higher Education sector while focusing on the innovation and operational execution of the culinary world in areas of operation, sales, finance, and team building.